The first section of pictures, the Picture Gallery will show multiple pictures of the engraved guns that I offer for sale from my personal collection. All those guns are made of stainless steel, have complete engraving coverage, all are factory new, unfired in the original boxes. I do not collect sales taxes, these guns are parts of my personal gun collection.

In the second section of pictures, in the Archive Gallery I wish to present reference pictures of the work pieces, taken during the last ten years in San Antonio, Texas. This is not a complete representation as I am a poor photographer, and many of my photos don't have the quality to be displayed, while other bunches of pictures were lost during software brake downs - lost forever I guess.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to bring my works to the public, and I hope that it will be a pleasant experience to page through the pictures. 

Thank You for your attention to my work, and enjoy the ride...


BY PHONE 210-401-7878 




Colt 1911 .45 Stainless steel, 5" barrel


Bond Derringer .357/.38 Stainless steel

                                                                    $ 3.195

Colt target bull barrel .22 Stainless steel


S & W Model 60 .357/.38 Stainless steel


Puma Lever action rifle .45 Stainless steel                                                                    $1.295

Sig Sauer 230,     .380 Nickel plated slide



About Me

My Background

I was born in Hungary right after WWII. At age 14 I started my apprenticeship in the trade of jewelry engraving at a government controlled national jewelry trading company. There were very limited quantities of gold or silver items on the market, the citizenry was deprived of all jewelry items over 50 grams under the threat of imprisonment at the early times of the communist regime.  Most of the time we engraved brass, bronze or aluminum "jewelry" and gift items. I became a journey man at age 18, and later a master engraver at age 23. In 1978 I emigrated to Canada, working at Henry Birks and Sons in Montreal. I continued to practice my trade in Los Angeles, California in the Jewelry District, dba. Engraving by Ivan in 1982. In 2006 I decided to experiment in gun engraving, and moved to San Antonio, Texas where the relaxed gun laws are more friendly to this type of activity. I was practicing my trade dba. Engraving Studio until my semi retirement in 2008. I still have my workshop in my home and I engrave  when God Almighty and my health conditions let me to do so.     

My Medium

The noble trade of engraving originated in the mysterious past of human history. As soon as men have their tools and weapons there was a need to decorate them, and various kinds of processes were practiced to meet the aesthetic expectations of our early ancestors. Perhaps the most advanced method was known as engraving. That means decorating (mostly) metallic objects by incision, carving on the surface of one metal with a specially sharpened harder metal. Metal engraving had reached its highest qualities during the otherwise dark Middle Ages by artists like Albrecht Duerer and Benvenuto Cellini.

Since then the engraving methods, tools and machines became much more advanced, giving great advantages for the artisans of our days who practice this noble trade. 

The early Masters had the last word in artistic perfection and in cunning solutions, all of us present day engravers are humble followers of those giants of the craft.     

My Inspiration

The Biblical predecessor and doyen of all engravers is Tuval Cain. He had godly inspirations on sharpening tools to enable him to produce delicate metal carvings - engravings. 

The pagans adopted him into their mythology and belief systems by the name of Vulcan, or Vulcanos, a  semi god knowledgeable in mixing alloys, and with the barbaric pagan expectations, a forger of weaponry. Although Tuval Cain was originally a master of sharpening creative tools, tribes men of war and conquest adored him for those other, less than noble capacities.

I am the most inspired by the engraver masters of old days, the tireless innovators working usually at candle light and using the less advanced hand tools of their times. First I am deeply impressed by Albrecht Duerer, the great engraver, devoted philosopher and ingenious geometrician.

An American giant of engravers, Bergling working at the turn of 18th and 19th century left endlessly rich references for the new generations of engravers.